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Graceful Steps Await: Ballet for Seniors with Senior Swans

Discover the magic of Learn seniors ballet in your own home…whether starting from scratch or returning to refresh the basics before venturing back to a studio, you will lay the correct foundations for a beautiful ballet journey.

Do the lessons in your own time.

No experience needed!

Any size, any age, any shape!

Ballet for Seniors with Senior Swans

If you would like to be well trained to learn the positions of the arms, the positions of the feet, correct ballet posture and beginner steps, you can access the entire comprehensive ballet for seniors beginner courses:

Senior Swans at Home.

Learn ballet from scratch in the comfort of your home.

Use the back of a chair as your “barre”

No special dancewear required

5 full classes complete with coaching & follow along videos

Photos of right way/wrong way

Downloadable clear technical instructions

BONUS Ballet Basics Guide

We also have memberships and virtual classes. Be completely prepared and confident to step into your seniors ballet class! Head to for more information and to start your ballet for seniors journey today!

®. Real classes blending artistry and fitness. Join in-studio or via Zoom. Start your ballet journey at

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