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Upon completion of a training workshop, studios may apply to become a Senior Swans® (New Zealand) or Movitanz Senior Swans™️ (Australia) or Movitanz™️ (International) Licensee.


  • Licenced studios are listed on the Senior Swans website directory.

  • Licences are valid for 1 year and require annual renewal after successful review.

  • Agree to adhere to Brand Guidelines

  • Licenced studios required to provide a simple quarterly report

  • NZ Licensees are accredited by ACC's "Live Stronger for Longer" Programme* and may use their tick of approval logo for marketing. *subject to review after initial 3 months and annual renewal. 

Pre Requisites for Licensees

  • Teachers within a licensed studio must be individually accredited.

  • Complete a Senior Swans® training workshop (online or in person)

  • Be a trained teacher of classical ballet that can confidently deliver a traditional ballet class up to Grade 6 standard.

  • Agree to include components of Strength and Balance work in every class

  • Annual video accreditation & renewal process for each teacher


You may choose from the following:

swans background.png
Licence Options

Brand & Syllabus Licence


  • Logos & Branding Guide

  • Website listing

  • Beginners Ballet Initiation Syllabus (video course, follow along notes, technical notes, sample photos)

  • Plus Levels 2-4 Ballet for Seniors Syllabus with music recommendations

  • 12 months free Movitanz Basic Plan (value $300) for your own studio to share class videos (up to 25 members)

  • Optional Customized Marketing Pack: Flyers,Posters & Social Media Images customised for your studio for one off $80AU

$289NZD | $270AUD | $172USD



Brand, Syllabus & Teacher Vault

includes same as Silver plus:

  • Free Customized Marketing Pack: Flyers,Posters & Social Media Images customised for your studio

  • Access to monthly subscription (**see below) to the Teacher Members Vault which includes Weekly ballet class and conditioning video samples, and monthly lesson plans

$299NZD | $275AUD | $179USD


**Monthly subscription Fee to the Teacher Members Vault

$79NZD | $73AUD | $47USD/month

*STUDIOS WITH MORE THAN ONE TEACHER who will be delivering the programme, pay an additional fee of $100NZD / $92AUD / $60USD per year per teacher.

Ready to become a Licensee?
If you meet the criteria above,

Apply Now


If you'd like more information on workshops and licence pricing, please contact Kathleen today.

Thanks for submitting!

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