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Explore Elegance: Ballet for Seniors with Senior Swans

Our seniors ballet class took our port de bras into a diagonal line today and it looked so pretty. We couldn’t capture everyone in one screen as they filled the room. We love to experiment with different formations and see how it changes the effect of the presentation.

Join a ballet for seniors class @ 5 days a week in studio or via zoom with a zoom Senior Swans Membership!

Ballet for Seniors with Senior Swans

5th en avant (pronounced ‘on avon’), meaning 5th position 'in front' Is described as the “gateway position” as it’s from where arms are extended to form lovely poses and arabesques.

  • Maintaining the same shape as 5th en bas, lift the arms up in front of you, just so the fingers

  • reach opposite your diaphragm.

  • Feel the lift is from under your elbows, but don’t lift your shoulders.

  • Check in a mirror that there is a downward continuous slope from the tip of your shoulder to

  • the end of your fingers, with no break at the elbow.

  • Pull down the lats (the muscles under your shoulder blades) to help keep your shoulders

  • down and neck long.

  • Palms of the hands face your ribcage. You should be able to see inside them.

In some other seniors ballet training methods, this position is referred to as 1st position.

Learn seniors ballet in your own home…whether starting from scratch or returning to refresh the basics before venturing back to a studio, you will lay the correct foundations for a beautiful ballet journey.

Do the lessons in your own time.

No experience needed!

Any size, any age, any shape!

For an entire comprehensive ballet for seniors beginner courses choose:

Senior Swans at Home.

Be completely prepared and confident to step into your Ballet for Seniors Ballet class!

Head to for more information and to start your seniors ballet journey today!

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