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Elevate Your Pose: Explore 5th en haut in Seniors Ballet!

5th en haut (pronounced ‘on o’), meaning 5th position 'high' is your “Picture Frame”.

  • Starting in 5th en avant with the lats pulled down and maintaining the long oval shape of the arms, raise them up high, opposite your HAIR LINE, not the crown of the head.

  • Check that you haven’t leaned back as you raised the arms. ‘Lace up your corset’ or ‘close

  • your rib cage’ to help with this.

  • Check in a mirror that you have produced a lovely, balanced picture frame and you are the

  • picture inside it!

  • Feel the shoulders are pressed down and that the neck is long.

  • Palms of the hands are facing toward your forehead; they should not be visible to you if look in a mirror.

Explore 5th en haut in Seniors Ballet

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