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Senior Swans provides a unique opportunity for seniors to learn and enjoy ballet in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Our vision is to empower other teachers to take the success of Senior Swans and replicate this in their local communities, making ballet for seniors more accessible to mature aged students across the globe, opening new business opportunities for dance studios and boost sustainability of jobs for teachers of dance.​ It is our goal to provide not only classes for Seniors, but also to encourage and support other dance studios and teachers to develop their skillset to be able to teach Seniors and welcome them into their own dance communities.​ If you're a Senior looking for ballet classes, please see our list of licensed teachers and studios. If you're Dance Teacher or Studio Owner, please refer to our licence and workshop information. 


Our Journey: Senior Swans Unveiled

In 2016, Senior Swans took flight under the guidance of Kathleen Curwen-Walker L.C.B.A. Nestled within her adult ballet academy in Auckland, New Zealand, the Senior Swans set forth on its path,and now offers multiple level and style classes exclusively tailored for seniors. This growth reflects a genuine need for a warm and secure haven where seniors can wholeheartedly embrace ballet.
Our participants, a delightful mix of beginners and seasoned dancers returning after decades, are guided by Kathleen's meticulously crafted 'Ballet Initiation Course.' This proven pathway imparts essential ballet foundations, empowering dancers to gracefully transition into an authentic ballet experience. At Senior Swans, we ensure everyone embarks on their ballet journey with confidence and grace.


Join the Flock at Senior Swans Ballet!

Unveil the Elegance of Traditional Ballet with a Twist!

Senior Swans Ballet offers a classic ballet experience with a joint-friendly twist – we skip the jumps to protect your precious joints! Our classes seamlessly integrate strength-building exercises, revitalizing stretches, artistic expression, and formal ballet training. This holistic approach revitalizes your body, calms your mind, presents invigorating challenges, and ensures your complete satisfaction. Become a part of our flock and let's dance our way to a healthier, more graceful you!

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As the population ages, the need for community-centric programs that holistically address the well-being of mature individuals becomes paramount. Ensuring they have easy access to classes that promote social interaction, physical health, and emotional support can greatly enhance their quality of life.

With your passion and dedication to ballet teaching, it's only right that such hard work and expertise should be rewarded. While the path we choose might not always offer the financial compensation we hope for, you deserve to flourish in your chosen field, especially given the years of training you've invested.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to the Senior Swans' studio ‘secret sauce’ - a method that can not only elevate your reputation within the community but also provide a vital service to our elders. By doing so, you can enhance your studio's revenue and find joy in teaching a truly appreciative audience.


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